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200 Ceiling Medical Light



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    • Commodity name: 200 Ceiling Medical Light
    • Commodity ID: KD-2012D-1


    - This product uses 12 pcs 3W international brand LEDs as the light source, with high brightness, adjustable linearity, daylight color and long lifespan.

    -The diameter of the lamp panel is 200mm, which is larger than the lamp head of the common inspection lamp and smaller than the lamp panel of the shadowless lamp. It fills in the shortcomings of non-concentrated inspection light, low illumination, shallow illumination depth and high price of large-scale shadowless lamps.

    -The lamp head and arm can be rotated freely, and can be illuminated from multiple angles. The center column has different lengths such as 800mm, 1000mm, and 1200mm, which can be selected for consultation rooms of different floors. It is easy to install and operate without direction requirements.

    -Adopt wide voltage input, low voltage output power supply mode, stable performance, safe and reliable

    【Basic Information】

    -Bulb power: LED 3W*12

    -Lamp bead color temperature: 4000~5000K

    -Bulb life: >50000h

    -Working distance: 700mm

    -Center illumination: ≥45000Lux

    -Minimum spot diameter: φ80±10mm

    -Packing material: 5 corrugated boxes

  • General surgery, clinic,Gynecology, Dental, Medical Cosmetology, Pet Medical,Veterinary






General surgery, clinic,Gynecology, Dental, Medical Cosmetology, Pet Medical,Veterinary

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