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[Takedown Notice] XD-303-80W-2 Endoscope all-in-one


The company has launched a new product, HD-602K-2 endoscope all-in-one, to replace the old XD-303-8W-2 endoscope all-in-one.

The new product uses the high-light and high-display 80WLED as the cold light source, uses the HD camera and can be opically enlarged and captured, and the 12-inch display screen can clearly display the shooting picture.

Photoelectric integration, small size and functions are easy to carry, the product through professional appearance design, high-end atmosphere and grade.

For subsequent orders, new products will replace the old models, and the price will be reduced at the discretion of the old customers. If you still need the old models, please contact us as soon as possible to keep some stock! Please adjust the information in time.

Yannan special lighting electrical equipment factory as always to provide services, do a good job of the old after-sales service. If you have any questions, please contact us. Thank you!

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